Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

When a person talks about breast augmentation surgery, we generally relate that to breast implants. A large population of women has undergone breast augmentation to increase their breast size, and shape. This shows that the use of breast implants has immensely grown. As much as implants are approved for use by the FDA, they have some risks and complications which they pose on an individual. While some women may desire to increase their breast shape, size, or profile, not every one of them wants to do so using breast implants. This article explains some of the alternatives to breast augmentation.

1. Fat Grafting

The fat grafting procedure uses an individual’s own fat cells to enhance the breast tissue. It is done when the surgeon removes fat from other areas of the body through liposuction or contouring where it is found in plenty and injects it inside the breasts. The process involves making multiple injections in the breasts which limit any scarring and eliminates the need for surgery.

Before the fat grafting process commences, depending on the patient’s anatomy, the surgeon may request the patient to wear a tissue-expansion device called brava to prepare the breasts for successful fat grafting. This device fits over the breasts like a normal bra, then exerts tension to the breasts which stretches the tissues to create maximum chances of survival for the grafted fat. If the procedure is successful, the results will be permanent. Fat grafting procedure takes a long time to perform, and it costs more than normal breast augmentation.

2. Auto Augmentation

Auto augmentation is another great option for breast augmentation without implants. More like a traditional breast lift, it uses the excess breast tissue to reshape and restore the breasts to being firm, perkier, symmetrical, and attractive. During this process, the surgeon makes an anchor-shaped incision (T) on the lower part of the breasts through which he removes excess outer skin and tissue. Afterward, the discarded excess breast skin and tissue that was removed is carefully folded back into the breasts where the tissues are rearranged and sutured in position to bring out youthful, attractive, and well-shaped breasts. Auto augmentation procedure uses minimal incisions which reduces scar visibility.

3. Use of Suction Bras

A suction or vacuum bra is able to increase the breast’s size without the need for surgery. It works more like a pump by adding tension to the breasts which stretches the breast tissue, therefore, increasing the size. An example is the Brava Breast Enhancement suction bra. This bra pulls the breast tissue putting it under tension to encourage the cells to replicate. For effective results, an individual is required to put on a suction bra for at least 16 hours a day for the next 10 weeks. Likewise, a suction bra may be used to prepare the breasts for similar enhancement procedures such as fat grafting, or normal breast augmentation. It costs approximately $2,500 and does not leave any scars, or pain in the breasts.

4. Use of Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers are commonly associated with facial procedures. However, there is an injectable filler, the hyaluronic acid gel, still, under observation, that is said to effectively enhance the breasts. This injection immediately provides results, although it can have minimal discomfort. The use of Hyaluronic injectable filler has been approved in Europe, and up to date, it has recorded the best results with no serious complications.

5. Use of Botox Injections

When we hear of a botox injection, our minds immediately think about eliminating wrinkles, and frown lines from the face, and neck. For breast enhancement, the surgeon injects botox into the pectoralis minor chest muscle which in turn makes the back muscles respond by lifting the breasts. The lifting effect makes sagging breasts appear firm, and tight hence enhancing the appearance. Botox injection technique is ideal for women between 30 to 50 years whose cup size is A or B. The results can last between three to four months, which is the period during which the botox injection can last.

6. Breast Augmentation Creams

Today, there are several creams that are manufactured promising women to enhance their breasts. They claim to be able to give natural breast lifts, anti-breast-sagging lifts, and many others. Such creams and lotions are believed to tighten and moisturize the breast’s skin to be able to improve the texture and skin tone. Examples include Joellyne Naturals, IsoSensual Enhance, Caramelia, and Divine Derriere Breast Enhancement Creams. These creams cost between $30 and $150.

7. Breast Augmentation Supplements

There are several breast augmentation supplements that are flocking social media networks. Often referred to as miracle supplements, these products are believed to increase breast sizes, therefore, enhancing their appearance. They claim to be “all-natural” though there is no evidence to back up the allegation. Some of these supplements contain ingredients that could negatively interact with your current medication to cause you serious harm. An example of such a supplement is BustMaxx.


A person in fear of breast augmentation implant procedures could choose either one of the above breast augmentation alternatives to increase their breast size, hence improve their appearance.