Breast Augmentation Baton Rouge Cost

Breast augmentation surgery aims to improve the size and volume of a woman’s breasts. This procedure may either be performed using artificial implants or natural fat tissue extracted from other parts of the patient’s body. Asking as many questions and taking the time to learn what you can expect from this procedure can go a long way to ensure a smooth experience. This page examines the factors that may affect the cost of breast enlargement surgery in Baton Rouge LA.

1. Type of Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation with implants costs less than augmentation with fat transfer and augmentation as a hybrid procedure. A breast augmentation that only involves implant placement ranges between $3,900 to $10,00, that performed with liposuction ranges between $5,000 to $15,000, and that done as a hybrid procedure ranges between $3,300 to $15,000.
Depending on your aesthetic goals and the surgeon’s evaluation, choose a breast augmentation procedure that will be suitable for you in all aspects.

2. The Expertise of the Surgeon

The cost of a highly trained and experienced surgeon varies from the cost of a non-experienced surgeon. Of course, a highly trained surgeon is capable of handling any matter that arises before, during, and after surgery based on the knowledge that he has. Furthermore, if he is one who has specialized in breast augmentation surgery, then the cost is expected to be a bit higher.

3. The Consultation Fee

It costs a minimal fee to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon. In other cases, this fee may not be included in the general cost of surgery. A consultation is important before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. This is because it creates room for a one-on-one talk with the surgeon to enable a patient to understand more about the surgery.

4. The Location

The region in which a surgeon’s facility is located determines the cost of breast augmentation surgery. A facility that is situated within a town center, near public roads, hotels, recreational facilities, shopping malls, and many more is likely to charge a higher surgery fee than the facility located in an area that lacks some of these facilities.

5. Anesthesiologist Fee

A breast augmentation surgery involves the use of an anesthesia injection to help numb the pain during surgery. Depending on the type of anesthesia used, either local or general anesthesia, this contributes to the total cost of surgery. In most cases, the surgeon administers general anesthesia to numb the whole body before the surgery commences. This is because breast augmentation procedures can be very invasive, which can cause severe pain to several parts of the body if not handled carefully.

6. Recovery Expenses

After surgery, the patient is usually still under medical observation by the surgeon and his staff. Follow-up visits are needed to ensure that everything is going on as expected throughout the breast enlargement recovery process. There will be several medical appointments to go to, which have to be paid for, as well as special care such as wound cleaning and dressing. While these may be included in the cost of surgery, some surgeons may allow patients to pay for these services after surgery, which will still contribute to the general cost of surgery.

7. Medication Administered and Prescribed

After breast augmentation surgery, the patient experiences pain within the chest and breast region. She may further feel to vomit due to the anesthesia administered, or nausea. The surgeon prescribes a dosage of some medicines to help the patient feel better. These medicines include anti-nausea drugs, pain relievers, and antibiotics to help protect wounds from infections. All these drugs add to the cost of surgery.

8. Compression Garments / Surgical Bras

A surgical bra or compression garment is used after surgery to speed up the recovery process. It applies a controlled amount of pressure to the breast region which prevents fluid retention within the breast tissues. It also provides firm support to the breasts by holding them in position to prevent unnecessary movements. These surgical bras can be paid for together with the cost of surgery, or they can be paid for separately. The best surgical bras are recommended by the surgeon based on his medical analysis of the procedure.

9. The Surgeon’s Auxilliary Staff

As much as a surgeon is highly trained and experienced to conduct breast augmentation surgery, he cannot do it all alone. He needs the assistance of his highly trained medical personnel for the best outcome and results. Likewise, the hospital is maintained and cared for by the hospital’s staff. They ensure that the hospital has top hygiene and that everything runs smoothly as expected. Both the medical personnel and staff are important to the facility because they provide a working environment for the surgeon.


From the points above, it is clear that the cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on several factors. You may need to incur more costs for this cosmetic treatment if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the initial procedure and need revision surgery