Breast Augmentation FAQs

Breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to enhance the size, shape, and profile of a woman’s breasts. This surgery is commonly done with breast implants but may also be completed using the patient’s own body fat. Women who are planning to undergo a breast enlargement procedure have a lot to think about, from the cost of the surgery to the recovery process and possible outcomes. This post answers a few important questions about breast augmentation surgery. 

Am I an Eligible Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

A large population of women has undergone breast augmentation. Each of these women has done so due to reasons well known by them. Breast augmentation is ideal for an individual who is physically, mentally, and psychologically fit. She should not be breastfeeding at all, be a non-smoker, a non-alcoholic, and be one with realistic expectations. At times, women choose to have this surgery in order to mimic a person or a celebrity. When the outcome isn’t what they expected, they either fall into depression or have the implants removed. Always ensure that you have breast augmentation willingly, and with the right expectations.

Why is Breast Augmentation done with Implants?

To begin with, breast augmentation surgery aims to increase the size of the breast. For this to be achieved, there has to be something that will be placed inside the breasts. A breast implant is a right prosthesis for such a purpose. Breast implants are soft, resemble breast tissue, and definitely feel better, and natural when placed inside the breasts. After surgery, they completely blend with the body and breasts and can maintain their nature for a very long period of time.

How Do I Know the Right Implants for me?

Basically, the most known, and frequently used breast implants are saline and silicone. A saline implant is made with an outer silicone shell and contains a saline fluid, while a silicone implant is made with an outer silicone shell and is filled up with a silicone gel fluid. Other types of implants are the improved versions of these two. The best way to know the right type of implant for you would be to consult a well-known and qualified plastic surgeon. From his experience, knowledge, and medical analysis, he will be able to offer the correct path to follow to obtain your desired results.

How Long do the Results of Breast Augmentation Last?

The results of breast augmentation last for as long as the breast implants last. Ideally, breast implants are designed with a warranty of up to ten years. Some breast implants do not last up to the set time because they develop implant-related complications. When this happens, the implants become uncomfortable which will bring the need for removal.

What are the Complications related to Breast Implants?

There are several implant-related complications that make breast implants become stressful and very uncomfortable. Such complications include capsular contracture which occurs when the tissues surrounding the breast implant start to squeeze the implant causing severe pain. There is also rippling, implant leakage, changes in nipple sensation, and implant repositioning. When your breast implants develop any type of complication, you will have to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Does Breast Augmentation increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is an illness that would not be wished upon by any woman. Most women who consider having breast augmentation fear that the implants will increase their chances of developing breast cancer tumors. Well, this is not the case. Implants do not in any way prevent, or delay the detection of cancerous tissues within the breasts. Also, they do not cause the growth of cancer tumors. Besides, several women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer do not have implants inside their breasts. In addition, after a mastectomy, cancer patients can have breast augmentation to help restore their normal life before an attack from cancer.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

Other than the fact that breast augmentation increases the size, and shape of breasts, it does not interfere with their ability to manufacture a child’s milk. These implants are carefully, and specifically placed at distinct locations, either under or over the muscles, to bring out the expected results. The surgeon advises individuals willing to undergo breast augmentation procedures to be done with giving birth and breastfeeding so that the time, effort, and money spent on breast augmentation surgery doesn’t go to waste.

How soon can I Resume my Daily activities?

There are several factors that determine the duration that a person will take to get back to their normal activities. One of them is the location of implant placement. A person whose implants are placed over the chest muscle will heal faster than one who had them placed under the chest muscles. Another factor is the type of job that a person has. If your occupation majors more on upper body movements, you will have to stay home longer. This will allow you to give the breasts ample time to fully heal before they have unnecessary movements and pressure exerted on them. All in all, depending on your surgeon’s experience, it should take an individual at least 6 weeks to recover.