Breast Enhancement Options

Breast augmentation is undeniably the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. In 2020, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that there were over 193,000 of these procedures completed in the United States. Even better is the fact that 97% of women who had breast enhancement surgery said that the procedure was worth it. If you have thought about having this treatment in Baton Rouge LA or any other city for that matter, it is important you know what options are available.

Implant breast augmentation

The majority of breast enhancement procedures are completed using artificial implants. Plastic surgeons currently have two main types of implants that they use: saline and silicone.

1. Saline breast implants

Saline implants are basically silicone shells that are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. They have been around since the 1960s and are FDA approved for use on women over 18 years of age. The implant may be inserted empty then later filled with the saline solution to achieve the desired breast size. This results in a smaller incision during surgery and thus the resultant scar is less noticeable. One advantage of saline implants is that they feel firmer than natural breast tissue. They are also less expensive than silicone implants. When saline implants rupture, the implant pocket will deflate and the saline solution is naturally absorbed by the body. An advantage of this type of breast implant is that they are more prone to wrinkling and rippling.

2. Silicone implants

Silicone breast implants are very popular and are used in the majority of implant-based breast enhancement procedures. These are created from a silicone shell that contains a silicone gel solution. They were approved by the FDA in 2006 for use in women over 22 years of age. A key advantage of silicone implants is that they feel and look like natural breast tissue. However, it is almost impossible to notice that they have ruptured. Most plastic surgeons recommend that patients who have this type of breast implant take MRI scans every few years in order to ensure that everything is working according to the plan. During insertion of a breast implant, the surgeon will need to make a longer scar because the implant is inserted ‘whole’. This is not to worry about though because incisions are hidden along the inframammary fold, where they are practically unnoticeable.

Choosing the right implant

The vast majority of all breast enhancement procedures are completed using breast implants. Selecting the right implant is thus a key consideration for most patients. Dr. Ruston works hand in hand with his patients to help select from the following options:

  • Silicone vs saline implants – 85% of women choose silicone breast implants because they feel and look like natural breast tissue. The remaining 15% go for saline implants that contain a sterile salt-water solution that is harmless and easily absorbed by the body in case of a rupture.
  • Breast implant shape – breast implants may be fully rounded or have a raindrop-shaped appearance. Most women choose rounded implants because they give the breast a lift, are cheaper and don’t have rotation problems. However, raindrop-shaped implants may still be beneficial particularly for women who desire their practical, natural breast shape.
  • Breast implant size – breast implants come in a variety of sizes, typically measured in cubic centimeters (cc). The right implant size will be determined by your body shape and desired breast shape. Dr. Ruston will help you choose the right implant size to achieve your desired aesthetic goals while also maintaining proportionality with the rest of your body.
  • Breast implant profile – this refers to how implants project forward from the chest wall. Women considering to have breast enhancement can select from a low profile, moderate profile, and high-profile implants depending on their personal preferences.

Natural breast augmentation

While implant breast augmentation is a transformative procedure that can improve your breast size and enhance your sense of self-esteem, it entails the use of artificial implants. These are prone to complications such as infection, capsular contracture, rippling, bottoming out, and wrinkling. Some women may be able to benefit from an alternative procedure known as natural breast enhancement (fat transfer breast augmentation). This cosmetic treatment entails harvesting fat from one part of your body and using it to create the desired breast size.

Natural breast augmentation results in the following benefits:

  • Youthful breasts – fat transfer breast enhancement uses fat taken from the patient’s own body to rebuild the desired breast size. The grafted fat tissue becomes a natural and permanent part of the enlarged breasts.
  • Natural augmentation – fat transfer breast augmentation is a natural procedure that augments the patient’s breasts without using saline or silicone implants. As a result, patients can return to their life without having to worry about the side effects associated with a foreign object (e.g. visible rippling, rupture, capsular contracture, and implant malpositioning).
  • Body contouring – natural breast augmentation has a bonus advantage in that it also contours the donor area. For instance, if excess fat is borrowed from the abdomen, patients also get the added benefit of a tummy tuck.
    Note: to be qualified for breast augmentation, women need to have enough stores of fat in donor areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs.


While non-surgical breast augmentation alternatives such as the use of creams and injectable fillers are available, these hardly result in a dramatic improvement. For this reason, they may be only ideal for women who require very minimal enhancements.

The first step towards a truly transformative cosmetic breast surgery is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruston’s Baton Rouge office. During this initial visit, the surgeon will be in a position to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you select the right breast augmentation option for you.