Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the size or volume of a woman’s breasts. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women have this treatment in order to restore their sense of feminine beauty and reverse adverse changes caused by aging, weight loss, and pregnancy. Breast enlargement is also a procedure of choice for women who were born with naturally small breasts. If you are wondering whether breast aug is worth the effort, understanding both its benefits and drawbacks can help. 

Pros of breast augmentation

1. Breast augmentation is a long-term solution

Breast augmentation surgery is an invasive procedure that entails inserting artificial implants within the breast pocket (or under chest muscle). These breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime but have a limited guaranteed lifetime warranty. For instance, silicone breast implants can last for at least 10 years, which is a really long time, after implantation. Some types and models of implants will even last longer.

2. Breast augmentation makes you look better in clothes and swimsuits

Breast augmentation will make you look sexier and attractive. There are certain types of clothes that when a person puts on, appear baggy, and loose, especially in the chest region. This can be very uncomfortable and diminish one’s self-esteem. Such a person needs to undergo breast augmentation surgery to increase breast size and profile. This way, she will be able to comfortably put on any type of clothing and still look attractive. This includes any type of swimsuit.

3. Breast augmentation improves your quality of life

Today’s society has given physical appearance great attention. This is why most people opt to undergo plastic surgery procedures to improve their look. A small-bodied person has fewer advantages than a medium or big-bodied person. Breast augmentation enhances a person’s body and appearance which in turn increases the person’s quality of life.

4. Breast augmentation improves a woman’s self-confidence

Self-confidence is the ability of a person to trust his/her own abilities. It makes a person be able to stand out and fight for what is right. There are several factors that can diminish one’s self-confidence such as body abnormalities, defects, and a person’s general body profile. For instance, a person working in a company that discriminates against women because of their body size and shape can feel less important if her body size is smaller compared to the rest. This can be disadvantageous in terms of work promotions and so on. Such an individual could undergo breast augmentation to improve her body size and shape which will, in turn, increase her self-confidence.

5. Breast augmentation restores a more youthful-looking figure

Breast augmentation can work for all types of women above the age of 18. It is most profitable to women who are done with giving birth and have sagging breasts. Breast augmentation can effectively enhance the breast’s profile, and tighten the breast’s skin to give them a perkier and attractive look hence restoring the youthful look.

Cons of breast enlargement surgery

1. Breast Implants are not lifetime products

Breast implants are inserted into pockets within the breasts to enhance their size and appearance. As much as they enhance the breast’s size and appearance, they will get damaged after their lasting period lapses. This will cause the need for breast revision surgery to be able to replace old breast implants with new ones.

2. There are risks and complications involved

Breast augmentation surgery has some risks and complications. Some of them include implant rupture, capsular contraction, fluid accumulation, excessive bleeding, and changes in breast or nipple sensation. When these happen, a person will have to go through breast revision surgery to change the damaged breast implants.

3. Breast implants can be uncomfortable

Breast implants are generally designed to blend with all types of breast tissues. However, for some individuals, this may not be the case. Some people begin to feel uncomfortable and irritated with breast implants the moment they wake up from anesthesia. This may be due to the intense pain, or other symptoms that are commonly known by them. In the end, they request the surgeon to remove them, which can cause more complications.

4. Breast augmentation may not work for everybody

A breast augmentation procedure has some qualifications that need to be met before one undergoes the surgery. For instance, a person should not be pregnant, or breastfeeding, be a non-smoker, must have sagging, asymmetrical, or elongated breasts, have overall good health, and most importantly, she should have reasonable expectations. When such conditions and many more are not met, then such a person may be disqualified from undergoing the surgery.

5. You could choose the wrong breast implants

There are two types of breast implants, silicone, and saline. Choosing the wrong breast implants can be very disadvantageous, especially if they are of the wrong shape, size, or material. It, therefore, is very important to consult your surgeon to help you choose the best implants. Remember that choosing the wrong breast implants will have diverse effects on the type of results you will obtain.


Performed by the right surgeon on qualified patients, breast enlargement can be a very safe, secure, and effective procedure.