Breast Enlargement Recovery Week by Week

Recovery is one of the key concerns women have when planning for breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Understanding what to expect is important so as to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted recovery process. In this post, we break down breast enlargement recovery on a week by week basis.

Week 1

During the first week after surgery, most women will experience the following:

  • Firm and tight breasts
  • Implants that feel compressed
  • Swollen breastbone
  • Mild to moderate breast bruising
  • Nipples may appear low or point downwards

You will be required to wear an athletic bra 24/7 except while bathing. You should also take light walks as soon as you are able to after the surgery to promote optimal blood circulation.

Week 2

During the second week of recovery, you may notice the following:

  • Improving bruising
  • Improving swelling
  • Itching and burning sensation

At this time, you may be able to start flying flat on your back (not the sides yet).

Weeks 2-3

Within weeks 2-3, a lot of healing has taken place and swelling should be completely alleviated. You may notice the following:

  • Shooting pains and itching
  • The appearance of breast asymmetry
  • Implant dropping

Your surgeon will evaluate your progress and determine what type of bra you need to be wearing. You may also be allowed to get more activity and engage in activities such as brisk walking and some lower body workouts.

Week 6

By the sixth week following your augmentation mammoplasty, you may be able to sleep on your side but stomach sleeping is still discouraged.

  • Incisions are completely closed.
  • Shooting pain should be less frequent.
  • Side breast rounding should be noticeable but not pronounced.

Weeks 8 -12

At this time in your breast enlargement recovery journey, you may be allowed to engage in strenuous activities such as running. Your breasts will also assume an attractive shape that resembles the final result. You should be generally able to go about your life with a lot of comfort.

These breast enlargement recovery stages take about 6 months for optimal results. By this time, your implants will be in the right position and some patients should be able to wear underwire bras. Your plastic surgeon may also allow you to start using scar management products.