5 Tips for Communicating with Your Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery has come a long way over the last few decades. Plastic surgeons now have the skills and tools they need to accomplish diverse procedures with a high degree of precision. This is evident in the high satisfaction rates recorded among patients. For instance, over 96% of women who have breast enlargement say that they are happy with the outcome of their surgery. Still, to improve the chances of a successful outcome, patients need to effectively communicate their needs to their Baton Rouge plastic surgeons. This article offers 5 important tips for communicating with your cosmetic surgeon.

Do your research

The first step towards ensuring a smooth plastic surgery experience is to conduct thorough research. You want to learn as much as possible about the plastic surgery you are interested in. What surgical techniques are available? What does recovery look like? Are there any alternatives? What is the cost of treatment? These are some of the questions to ask. You want to read online to gain insights from patients who have had the same surgery you are interested in. This will give you the wealth of information you need to tactfully engage your plastic surgeon and pave the way for a smooth surgical experience.

Bring model photos

Bringing model photos highlighting the kind of outcome you are looking for can go a long way. Visuals can be very important to convey to the surgeon what you are looking for. Make sure to use pictures featuring individuals of your ethnicity and who have a similar facial profile as yourself. This will allow the plastic surgeon to figure out where you are coming from before they even get a chance to examine your problem areas.

Discuss problem areas

Now that you have shared visuals of what you are looking for, the next step is to discuss your problem areas. Let the surgeon know what aesthetic issues are bugging you and what it is about them that you don’t like. For instance, if you have small breasts, you need to let the surgeon know what kind of size and volume increment you want. Be certain to discuss the issues in detail and provide as much information as possible so your plastic surgeon can grasp your concerns.

Express your expectations

Another important tip for communicating with your plastic surgeon is to share your desires and expectations. What kinds of results are you looking for? Be very specific in order to give the surgeon the information they need to craft an individualized treatment plan to achieve your precise needs.

Ask comprehensive questions

Now that you are already acquainted with your plastic surgeon and their team, you want to go all out and ask any procedure-related question that pops into your mind. Nothing is off-limits. The idea is to share your most sincere opinions regarding this surgery and learn as much as possible so you are certain about what the treatment entails and what outcomes you can expect to attain.


Plastic surgeons – as good as they may be – cannot read minds. That’s exactly why it is very important that you go out of your way to ensure that you clearly convey your needs, requirements, and expectations. You should also take the information provided by your surgeon seriously before choosing to move forward with your plastic surgery.