5 Drawbacks of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast enlargement is an excellent procedure for qualified women. It results in a permanent and natural enhancement in breast size and volume without the need for artificial implants. This technique is less invasive than implant breast surgery and thus requires a shorter recovery time. However, despite these and other benefits, autologous breast augmentation is not without its drawbacks.

1. Size limitation

One of the biggest limitations of breast enlargement with fat grafting is that it can only achieve a modest increase in breast size (one cup size at most). Plastic surgeons usually insert a tissue expander to create a pocket for the fat and improve blood flow to the area. This tissue expander, however, can only accommodate a limited volume of fat.

2. Fat reabsorption

Another disadvantage of breast augmentation with fat grafting is that some of the fat that is injected into the breast tissue is reabsorbed by the body. This may result in less-than-desired breast enhancement or necessitate multiple procedures. Patients can control this disadvantage by working with a seasoned plastic surgeon who has performed numerous procedures before and knows how to compensate for this reabsorption.

3. Minimum breast lift

For women who are suffering from breast sagging or drooping, this type of augmentation can only achieve a minimal lift. Breast lift surgery would be needed for further improvement.

4. More expensive procedure

Natural breast enlargement is a complicated procedure that needs to be performed by a talented and highly skilled surgeon. Liposuction is used to remove fat from areas of the body where it is in excess. This fat tissue will then be purified before it is strategically injected into the breasts. That means more work and craftsmanship, which often makes these procedures more expensive than implant breast augmentation.

5. Not for everyone

Plastic surgeons need to harvest at least 1,000 milliliters of pure fat to achieve a significant increase in breast volume. Women who do not have enough stores of excess fat in other parts of their body may not be qualified for this treatment.

It is important to understand that natural breast enlargement doesn’t achieve the same results as breast implants. These procedures have different pros and cons and results will also vary from patient to patient. Scheduling a consultation visit with a board-certified Baton Rouge plastic surgeon is the best way to figure out what technique makes the most sense for you.