Should I see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist?

If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure you may be wondering whether to consult a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. These are two different career paths that aim to achieve a similar goal. The field of dermatology is categorized into two branches, medical and cosmetic dermatologists.

A Medical Dermatologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails whereas a plastic surgeon has been trained to do reconstruction or alteration of a human body.

A cosmetic dermatologist is a specialist trained as a dermatologist but undergoes more training to specialize in cosmetic procedures.

A plastic surgeon specializes in procedures that have aesthetic benefits. They reconstruct and reshape the body to how you desire to look.

Differences between plastic surgeons and dermatologists

  • A plastic surgeon is trained to understand more about the human facial anatomy, therefore, is oriented to surgical procedures that mainly focus on reshaping or reconstructing. While a dermatologist has better knowledge on skin functionality and physiology and has experience in examining and treating skin, hair, and nails conditions.
  • Plastic surgeons are skilled in both invasive and non-invasive techniques and can use the best technique that suits the condition. On the other hand, dermatologists focus more on non-surgical treatments.
  • A plastic surgeon is popular for procedures such as facial facelifts, fat grafting, Botox, breast augmentation, etc. Dermatologists are popular for externally applied or injected medicine, ultraviolet light therapy, sclerotherapy, laser treatment, etc.

Why choose a plastic surgeon over a dermatologist?

Whether to see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist depends on the procedure you want to be done. Some of the procedures highly recommended for plastic surgeons are Botox, Dermal fillers, and fillers. For fat removal, it can be done by a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon depending on the quantity of extra fat you have. Your specialist advises you on whether you need a session of cool shaping or liposuction.

The following are reasons why you should choose a plastic surgeon over a dermatologist.

1. Superior knowledge of facial anatomy

Plastic surgeons have very good knowledge of the anatomy of the tissues, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head, neck, face and eyelids. Therefore, they are suited to reshape or reconstruct any part of the body. Because of their knowledge, they are experts in hiding scars from procedures or the removal of moles.

2. Ability to perform both invasive and noninvasive procedures

Invasive procedures are done by using small incisions to cut a body part using medical tools to be able to carry out a particular procedure. non-invasive procedures are the type of procedures that do not need incisions of any kind. Plastic surgeons have training and experience in both invasive and non-invasive techniques, unlike dermatologists who have experience in non-invasive thus making plastic surgeons a better choice.

3. Ability to handle complicated skin issues under extreme conditions

Board-certified Plastic surgeons are well-educated and have good training. They are also experienced and have the ability to examine you and advise you on the best treatment or procedure. Due to their ability of facial anatomy, they are able to help you with complex to severe skin conditions.

4. Plastic surgeon procedures are performed to improve your appearance and aesthetics.

A key goal of plastic surgery is to help you boost your confidence and self-esteem by helping you achieve the look that you want. A plastic surgeon works with the goal to help you get what you want. A plastic surgeon offers more facial rejuvenation solutions. After assessing you they can tell you the right procedure for you.

5. Considerations when choosing a plastic surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon, the most important thing is to make sure that they are board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). ABPS makes sure that plastic surgeons maintain high standards of care and safety. You should also make sure that the surgeon has enough experience with the procedure that you are considering. To find out you can do online research by looking at their websites, testimonies, and reviews. A good plastic surgeon will have positive feedback from their previous clients. A good plastic surgeon should provide pictures of before and after the procedures, they have done to help you build realistic expectations. Go for a surgeon who you have a rapport with, someone who understands what you need and who you are comfortable around.

Whether you opt for a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon note that it is very essential that you work with one who is board certified to make sure that you are in good hands.

Cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery give different results also the cost varies. That’s why you should do good research on what you really want to achieve to be able to choose the right specialist for your procedure. For better results, it is recommended you seek a board-certified plastic surgeon first for further advice.