Choosing Your Plastic Surgery Destination

Preparing to undergo a plastic surgery procedure? It is crucial that you take the time to assess the options and answer important questions. The location where you should have plastic surgery is one of the key considerations. This article highlights a few of the things that you should think about before you decide where you want to have your plastic surgery procedure.

Available of plastic surgeons

The number of plastic surgeons available within the country has increased dramatically over the last few decades. Patients no longer have to travel to far-away states or even out of the country to access the cosmetic treatment that they need. More likely than not, there are several plastic surgeons operating in your city or town. You want to make sure that you have seasoned practitioners within your local area before you expand your search grid. Start with a simple internet search looking up plastic surgeons who offer the specific procedure you are interested in. Do you see numerous surgeons listed? This is a good sign. However, if you can hardly find a single surgeon showing up, you may want to have your procedure performed in a more competitive environment.

Specialized skills

Even if there are numerous plastic surgeons operating in our city, they may not necessarily be specialized in the specific treatment that you are interested in. Your goal is to find the best person for the job. For instance, if you are looking to have abdominoplasty surgery, you want to work with as surgeon who is not only certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery but also has years of experience performing the procedure. Check out online review platforms to see how other patients rate the surgeon and browse through their before and after photos.

Cost of the procedure

Cost is another important consideration when it comes to determining the location of your plastic surgery. Procedures may be more expensive in certain cities than others. Experienced surgeons can also be expected to charge more for treatment regardless of the location. If you prefer to travel out of state for plastic surgery, there may be other costs involved such as air tickets, and hospitality charges. So the goal is to find the best surgeon as close as possible to where you live.

Location convenience

Needless to say, convenience goes a long way when comparing various plastic surgery locations. Many patients prefer to have the treatment within their city (or a nearby city) as opposed to traveling out of state. This makes sense because you can easily get home after the procedure without having to worry about lengthy travel or expensive hotel stay.


If a plastic surgeon has worked with countless other patients for the same procedure that you are looking to have, then they probably have a refined understanding of what you are looking for. Furthermore, working with a plastic surgeon who speaks your region creates an environment where you can communicate clearly. So make sure to assess or interview various practitioners to find one who inspires confidence and makes you feel understood.


Regardless of where you choose to have your plastic surgery in, a key rule of the thumb is to always work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is responsible for certifying plastic surgeons within the US.