7 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Wants you to Know

Millions of people turn to plastic surgery to address diverse aesthetic and functional issues, ranging from breast augmentation to surgical nose reshaping. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), nearly 20 million of these treatments are completed in the US each year. It is important for patients who are looking to undergo cosmetic surgery to take the time and learn as much as possible about this kind of treatment. If you have been considering going under the knife, here are some key things that your Baton Rouge LA plastic surgeon wants you to know.

You need to be healthy enough

Plastic surgeons require that patients are in good physical and mental health before they agree to move forward with the treatment. This is important to ensure your safety. It is important to understand that while all surgeries have inherent risks, patients with conditions such as lung disease and diabetes carry a higher risk of complications. Individuals who are in poor mental health may not be psychologically ready to undergo this type of treatment. During your first plastic surgery consultation visit in Baton Rouge, your plastic surgeon should review your medical history and let you know whether this kind of treatment is ideal for you.

You must communicate candidly

While plastic surgeons have become very good at what they do, they still cannot read minds. You need to be very clear about your aesthetic concerns and problem areas you need to be addressed. Only after you have clearly communicated can the surgeon be able to create an individualized treatment plan that is designed to achieve the results you so desire.

You ought to have realistic expectations

Plastic can do a lot, but it is important to ensure that your expectations are aligned with what’s possible. Things such as perfect symmetry, immediate results, and zero scarring are hardly possible. In some cases, patients might expect cosmetic surgery to do much more than what’s possible within the scope of the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will discuss potential outcomes to make sure that you understand what can be achieved before you choose to move forward with the surgery.

You need to be patient

It’s not uncommon for patients who have had cosmetic surgery to be impatient about the outcome of their surgery. Keep in mind though that it takes time for results to settle in. You may need to wait for weeks or even months. The important thing is to keep in touch with your plastic surgeon so you can seek clarification if you are concerned about anything.

You should work with qualified plastic surgeons

Modern techniques have enabled plastic surgeons to perform procedures with a high degree of precision. However, it is still important for patients to make sure that they work with a highly qualified practitioner. Ask to see if the surgeon you want to work with is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), or other independent certifying organizations. You also want to ensure that the surgeon has adequate experience in the specific aesthetic procedure that you are interested in.

You need to set time aside for recovery

Surgery is tasking to the body and you need to make sure that you set time aside for recovery. The total duration of recovery will vary from one procedure to another. For fairly straightforward treatments such as skin tightening, you may only need to take a few weeks off work. However, for more invasive surgeries, you may need to dedicate as much as a few months to recover.

You need to appreciate the risks

All surgeries come with inherent risks. Complications associated with plastic surgery include bleeding, infections, and blood clots. There is also discomfort, swelling, and bruising that are common after surgery. It is important that patients take the time to understand and appreciate all the risks involved before choosing to move forward with the treatment.


In addition to the facts above, you also want to take the time and research what options are available before setline on any one procedure. Scheduling a consultation visit with a plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge is a good first step to learning more about your suitability for various procedures, and how you can benefit.