Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery refers to an entire crop of procedures that are meant to beautify the face and other parts of the body. These treatments have become quite popular over the recent past because they address aesthetic concerns and help improve your quality of life and sense of confidence. Depending on the problem at hand, plastic surgery can be used to resolve diverse issues ranging from facial skin laxity, wrinkles, abdominal fat deposits, and more. If you are planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure for one reason or the other, it is crucial that you ask important questions. Among other things, you should figure out the pros and cons of undergoing this type of treatment.

Advantages of Plastic Surgery

Some of the main pros of having plastic surgery include the following:

  • Confidence Boost – in addition to boosting self-confidence, plastic surgery can also elevate your self esteem and ultimately improve your quality of life. This is more so true for individuals who have suffered from physical deformities that cause self-consciousness or attract unwanted attention.
  • Improve Your Appearance – cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, nose reshaping, and breast augmentation can dramatically enhance your appearance. This is in fact one of the main reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery in the first place. So, if you are concerned about a specific aesthetic issue, don’t be shy to have it resolved.
  • Quality of Life – patients may not be satisfied with the appearance of certain areas of their body. For instance, some women feel that their breasts are too small, while others prefer to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery in order to enhance their sex life. Men may need to undergo plastic surgery to alleviate issues such as gynecomastia, loose abdominal skin, facial imperfections, and more. The truth is that when you have whatever issue that is bugging you removed out of the equation, you end up feeling better about yourself and ultimately your quality of life improves.
  • Boost Social Skills – people who are self-conscious about their deformities or certain features that they consider unattractive may feel uncomfortable during social interactions. Plastic surgery can help address these flaws so you feel much better about yourself and interact with others more openly.
  • Love Yourself – when you feel better about yourself and your quality of life improves, the fact of the matter is that feelings of self-love tend to surface. This can make a lot of difference especially if you have been struggling with your imperfections for quite a period of time.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

Despite its pros, plastic surgery is not without its disadvantages. These include the following.

  • Surgical Risks – plastic surgery procedures (like any other surgical operations) carry a certain degree of risk. These range from the risk of infections at the treatment site to dangerous blood clots. There are also the side effects and dangers that come with being put under anesthesia.
  • Scarring – a lot of patients who are getting ready to undergo plastic surgery are particularly concerned about scarring. However, working with a seasoned plastic surgeon can help alleviate this risk. Dr. Ruston Sanchez uses advanced surgical techniques to ensure an optimal outcome while also reducing the risk of scarring and other side effects.
  • Doesn’t fix anything – as would be expected, plastic surgery only fixes aesthetics issues, not the mental perspective of the patient. If you find that you are still dealing with mental and emotional issues following your cosmetic surgery, you may need to work with a mental health professional so you can resolve these issues.
  • Expensive – health insurers typically do not pay for cosmetic surgery. This means that more often than not, you’ll need to pay for the treatment from out of pocket. The cost of some procedures (such as a mommy makeover) can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Work with your plastic surgeon to find out whether financing plans are available to reduce the financial burden of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Some patients also address this issue by saving ahead of time and only have the procedure once they have managed to pool all the required funds.
  • Unsatisfactory results – it sometimes happens that patients are unhappy with the outcome of their plastic surgery procedure. You probably have watched one of those Botched TV shows where falling into the wrong hands leads to disastrous consequences. The best safeguard patients can take is to work with a highly experienced plastic surgeon who have performed the same procedure on countless patients before. Ask for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Membership with professional organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is another indicator of a plastic surgeon who is committed to professional advancement.


Dr. Ruston Sanchez appreciates both the pros and cons associated with plastic surgery procedures. During your initial consultation visit, the surgeon will discuss the ins and outs of the procedure you are looking to have and answer all your questions.