Revision Breast Augmentation

A revision breast augmentation, also known as breast implant replacement aims to change old breast implants with new implants. It applies for both silicone gel and saline breast implants to correct any unpleasantries that might have changed the breast implants’ initial look. At the end of the surgery, a person will regain a youthful breast appearance with improved breast symmetry and may either increase or decrease the breast size.

Why Have a Revision Breast Augmentation

There are several reasons that may make a person consider having revision breast augmentation surgery. These include.

1. To change the shape of the breasts

After the first breast augmentation surgery, the breasts will either develop a round or teardrop shape depending on the shape of the breast implant placed. A person who had round, smooth implants placed, hence round breasts may wish to replace them with teardrop-shaped implants, and vice versa.

2. To change the size of the breast

Most women who undergo breast augmentation procedures tend to select larger breast implants because they believe that the larger they are, the better the results would be. After some time, the breasts become heavy and grow out of the desired size. Such an individual could undergo revision breast augmentation to correct the breast’s size.

3. To change the Position of the Breasts

The breast implants shift the position of the nipples which changes the breasts’ position. When an individual feels unhappy about the position of her breasts, she could undergo revision breast augmentation to correct that.

4. To change from Saline to Silicone gel Implants

In the first breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon may have placed saline breast implants to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Afterward, they may no longer provide the best results as before, or, a person may develop an interest in silicone gel implants. Such an individual could have revision breast augmentation to change them and vice versa.

5. To correct Implant related complications

Breast implants are not expected to work for a lifetime. At some point after several years, they may develop complications such as rippling, capsular contracture, and leakage. These will have to be corrected as soon as possible by going through revision breast augmentation.

Candidates for Revision Breast Augmentation

The best candidate for revision breast augmentation should have good general health, realistic expectations, be a non-smoker, and have a healthy stable weight. Likewise, she can be a person who was not pleased with her previous augmentation results.

How is a Revision Breast Augmentation performed?

The method in which a surgeon performs revision breast augmentation surgery varies based on the reason for wanting the surgery.


Rippling is an implant risk that occurs when breast implants become visible and palpable. During revision surgery, the surgeon may use the same incision site to either reposition or remove the implants for a better appearance. Alternatively, he may create another breast pocket for a new implant that has thicker muscle coverage to prevent the implant from being felt through the skin.

Changing the Breast Size

When this revision augmentation surgery is being done, the surgeon makes an incision at the location of the first breast augmentation surgery. Depending on whether it’s increasing or decreasing the size, the surgeon will either enlarge or reduce the size of the implant pocket to obtain the desired breast size. Also, a breast lift procedure may be done in conjunction.

Capsular Contracture

If your reason for wanting revision breast augmentation surgery is to correct capsular contracture implant complication, the surgeon will use the previous incision site to remove the old implants and replace them with a new one of the desired choice.

Changing the Position of the Nipple

This revision augmentation surgery requires additional incisions to perform. If a minimal elevation is needed, the surgeon will make incisions around the upper portion of the areola. If the process requires lifting and tightening, the surgeon will make a full incision around the areola, and another vertical one that extends from the areola to the breast’s crease. In case too much skin needs to be removed such as for the women who have experienced massive weight loss or have post-pregnancy effects, the surgeon will add a horizontal incision that extends beneath the breast.

Implant Removal

A revision augmentation surgery completely removes unwanted breast implants through the same incision that was made to insert them. For better results, the surgeon will perform a breast lift to tighten extra stretched skin.

What to Expect after Revision Breast Augmentation?

This surgery requires a highly trained and experienced surgeon to perform. After surgery, the patient has to give the breasts ample time to recover and fully heal. She should not engage in any strenuous activities at least for the first 4 weeks after surgery, contact with water for showering should be 2 days after surgery, any physical contact with the breasts should be at least 4 weeks after surgery, and the fading of scars with the help of the scarless scar gel treatment should occur after a period of at least 1 year.


Choosing a highly qualified plastic surgeon is the best safeguard patients have to ensure a successful procedure outcome. Keep in mind that the cost of breast enlargement surgery will vary based on a number of factors such as the surgeon’s skills, level, location, and more. Although revision surgery is typically more expensive than a normal breast enlargement procedure, it is usually worth it for women who are unhappy with the current appearance of their enlarged breasts.