Saline vs Silicone Implants

Choosing the right breast implant is important so you can achieve the unique goal of your surgery. Dr. Ruston Sanchez will go out of his way to help you understand the different options so you can select the right choice. The most common types of breast implants used in augmentation mammoplasty are saline and silicone implants. In this brief guide, we highlight the key differences between these two implant types.

 Saline breast implantsSilicone breast implants
MakeupSaline breast implants constitute a silicone shell that contains a sterile saltwater solutionThese are made up of a silicone outer shell that contains a silicone gel solution
How common are they?Saline implants are less popularThe vast majority of breast augmentation procedures are completed using silicone implants
CandidatesFDA approved for use on women above the age of 18FDA approved for use on women above the age of 22
CostTypically less expensiveMore expensive – can cost about double (or more) the cost of saline implants
Key advantagesImplant leakage or rupture is easier to detect with saline implantsLess prone to wrinkling and rippling. Also tend to result in a more natural breast look and feel
Key disadvantagesMore prone to wrinkling and ripplingMore prone to complications such as capsular contracture. Also, leakage or rupture of the implant is very hard to detect
Variety of choiceOften come in limited choicesSilicone implants come in a wide variety of options. There’s also a special type of silicone implants referred to as gummy bear implants
MaintenanceSimple maintenancePeriodic MRI scans needed to rule out leakage
RevisionRevision surgery to remove saline breast implants is fairly straightforwardSurgery to remove silicone breast implants is often complicated

When it comes to selecting breast implants, the right choice will vary from one woman to the other. It is important to understand the features of both saline and silicone implant types along with other considerations such as the shape, size, profile, and texture of the implant. Working with a Baton Rouge plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ruston Sanchez is the best way to wade through all the options and find the right implant for you.