Should I Have a Breast Augmentation?

Some women feel that their breasts are smaller than what they consider to be the ideal size. Unfortunately, lifestyle adjustments cannot increase the size of your breasts. This leaves breast augmentation as the only permanent solution to add breast size and volume. But even so, one question that comes to mind among patients is ‘is breast augmentation worth it’. In this post, we look at 5 surefire reasons why breast enlargement surgery is worth the money, time, and effort.

1. Relatively safe procedure

Breast enlargement is a plastic surgery that has been perfected over decades. Procedures are usually safe with a relatively low risk of complications. Side effects are not severe and patients are usually able to resume routine work within just a few weeks. It is important to note though that working with a talented and board-certified plastic surgeon can help keep the risk of complications very low.

2. High Satisfaction Rates

Breast enlargement has one of the highest satisfaction rates among cosmetic surgery procedures. According to, over 97% of women who have had this treatment were happy with the outcome. Statistics from, a similar platform, put the satisfaction rate of breast enlargement at 96%.

3. Long Lasting Procedure

Breast enlargement is a long-lasting cosmetic treatment that can enhance your female contour for over a decade. Breast implants currently available in the market can be expected to last at about 10 to 15 years before there is a need to replace them. It is not unheard of that breast implants even last a lifetime.

4. Improved Self Esteem

Studies have shown that breast enlargement surgery can help boost a woman’s sense of body image, self-esteem, and sexual satisfaction. In fact, these are some of the top benefits of having breast implant surgery. Many women find that they feel much better about their feminine appearance and are even able to try more clothing choices.

5. Natural Looking Outcome

One of the top reasons why breast enlargements are so popular today is that they result in a natural looking outcome. The goal is to work with a seasoned plastic surgeon who can help you to select the ideal size and create a natural increase that blends in with your physique.

If you have contemplated having a breast enlargement in Baton Rouge, the first step is to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Ruston Sanchez. This initial visit is important to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure and discuss various treatment options.