How to Speed Up Recovery After Your Tummy Tuck Baton Rouge

Planning to have a tummy tuck in Baton Rouge? Recovery is one of the most important considerations you have to think about. How well your treatment areas heal will have a lot of impact on the kind of results that you get from this procedure. In this post, we offer 9 tips for a quick recovery process after your abdominoplasty in Baton Rouge.

1. Move as soon as you can

Dr. Ruston Sanchez recommends that patients move as soon as they are able once they are discharged from the hospital. This means taking short, slow walks around the house in order to ensure optimal blood circulation and reduce the risks of blood clot formation. Pumping your leg muscles while sitting or lying down can also help until you are able to do more.

2. Wear support garments

Once the surgery is complete, you will be wrapped with compression garments to support the treatment areas. It also helps control swelling and shapes the results of your abdominoplasty procedure. Make sure that you continue wearing this garment as instructed by your plastic surgeon.

3. Avoid strenuous activities

Your body is still fragile during abdominoplasty recovery. This is simply not the time to engage in strenuous activities. In fact, as a rule of the thumb, plastic surgeons ask that you wait at least 8 weeks before you can exercise and lift heavy items. You should also avoid bending and other hard movements during the first few weeks post-operative.

4. Take medication

Your surgeon will prescribe medication to help alleviate discomfort once you are discharged from the hospital. You should also be provided with antibiotics that help reduce the risk of having an infection. It is important that you take this medication as instructed. Should you have any questions, your plastic surgeon’s office will be available to provide the necessary clarification.

5. Get enough rest

Your body needs enough time to regain its strength and properly recover following abdominoplasty surgery. This is not the time to catch up with work or work from home. It is important that you can secure at least 2 weeks off any work so you can entirely focus on your recovery and wellbeing.

6. Eat well and stay hydrated

Eating the right foods after surgery can help supply your body with all the nutrients it needs for a prompt recovery. Focus on fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, and cranberries, whole foods, and lean protein. Vegetables, dark leafy greens, eggs, probiotics, and brightly colored fruits should be a key part of your diet. Staying hydrated is also important so your body can effectively remove toxins and ensure prompt recovery.

7. Quit smoking and drinking

Most plastic surgeons require that you quit smoking at least a few weeks before and after your tummy tuck procedure. This is important because smoking distorts your immune system and could delay healing, or elevate the risk of wound infection. Avoiding alcohol intake during your abdominoplasty recovery can also help reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

8. Attend follow up visits

Follow up visits are important because they allow your plastic surgeon to gauge your progress. Make sure that you attend all scheduled office visits. Your surgeon will be able to examine your treatment areas and take action to avoid complications if necessary.

9. Be patient with the results

Patience is key when recovering from your tummy tuck surgery. This is not the time to stress over how your abdomen will look. Keep in mind that emotional stress can make it harder for you to concentrate on the things you need to focus on for a proper recovery. Should you be worried about anything, make sure to engage your support system or get in touch with your plastic surgeon.