Who is NOT a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that in 2020 alone, more than 193,000 women had this procedure in the US. The numbers from previous years (before COVID-19) are even higher. Most women have breast enlargement surgery to enhance breast size and volume, correct asymmetry, appear more youthful, and improve their self-confidence. Augmentation mammoplasty can help you achieve any of these aesthetic goals – but only if you are a qualified candidate.

This article highlights some reasons why some women may not be good candidates for this cosmetic procedure:

  • Poor physical health – women who have an infection or serious illnesses may not qualify for breast augmentation surgery. It is important that your body is in good enough shape to handle the trauma of surgery before you move forward with any procedure.
  • Emotional or mental concerns – patients who have emotional struggles such as low self-esteem that is not directly related to breast appearance are not ideal candidates for this treatment. The same goes for patients with mental instability issues.
  • Under age – breast augmentation can only be performed on women above the age of 18, usually because breasts may not be fully developed for women younger than this age. The FDA recommends 18 years minimum age for the use of saline implants and 22 years for the use of silicone breast implants.
  • Pregnancy or nursing – women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding are considered to not be good candidates for augmentation mammoplasty. Your plastic surgeon may recommend that you push your surgery to a later date.
  • Inability to comprehend the nature of this procedure – women who seem unable to comprehend how breast augmentation works (including the risks and benefits) are usually not good candidates for this surgery.
  • Unrealistic expectations – while breast enlargement can be a truly transformative procedure, it can only do so much. Women who have unrealistic expectations and this treatment are considered not to be ideal candidates.

If you are in Louisiana and have specific questions about your suitability for aesthetic breast surgery, consider scheduling a consultation visit with our Baton Rouge based plastic surgeon – Dr. Ruston Sanchez.