Body Sculpting



Body Sculpting

As many of us age, we notice pockets of stubborn fat and sections of loose, saggy skin that weren’t there before. You may feel out of shape and sometimes even older than you are. While exercise and diet offer obvious health benefits, they do not always deliver the toned and well-contoured appearance that you desire. Body sculpting – also referred to as body contouring – refers to cosmetic procedures that are designed to give your body a lean, toned appearance.

Baton Rouge plastic surgeon Dr. Ruston Sanchez offers body sculpting procedures to men and women in the city and surrounding Louisiana areas. The surgeon aims to get rid of extra skin, remove excess/unwanted fat, and reshape targeted areas such as the abdomen. Dr. Sanchez utilizes advanced liposuction techniques to achieve the best possible outcome while also minimizing the risk of scarring and other complications. Many of his past body sculpting patients feel better and more confident in their own skin.

Who is a Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting refers to cosmetic procedures that are designed to reshape a specific area. You may be a good candidate for this type of treatment if:

  • You are in good physical and mental health
  • You are concerned about areas with stubborn fat and/or excess skin
  • You have gone to the gym and improved your diet without much change
  • You are at a stable weight

You have realistic expectations about the outcome of your treatment
During your initial Baton Rouge consultation with Dr. Ruston Sanchez, the surgeon will listen to your concerns, evaluate your problem areas, and review your medical history. The surgeon will then let you know if you are qualified for body sculpting surgery. Dr. Sanchez is uniquely positioned to recommend the best procedure for your specific needs.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Plastic surgeons may use either surgical or non-surgical techniques to help you attain the shapely physique that you desire.

Surgical Body Sculpting

Surgical body contouring procedures focus on removing excess fat and/or skin from problem areas to reveal a toned appearance.

  • Liposuction – lipo is one of the most common surgical body contouring procedures. This treatment aims to eliminate pockets of stubborn fat from different areas of the body.
  • Tummy tuck – this cosmetic surgical procedure aims to tighten and flatten the abdomen. Plastic surgeons do this by removing excess skin and fat while also strengthening weakened or separated belly muscles.
  • Mommy makeover – a mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures that aims to help women reverse some of the effects of pregnancy and childbearing.
  • Arm lift – an arm lift aims to improve the appearance of a flabby upper arm appearance by tightening loose skin in the area.
  • Brazilian butt lift – this is a body contouring procedure that plumps up the buttocks using excess fat removed from other parts of the body.
  • Body lift – a body lift aims to remove excess fat and skin from parts of the body while also repairing underlying tissues to achieve a taut, shapely appearance.
  • Thigh lift – thigh lifts are designed to reshape the upper leg contour.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Non Surgical body contouring is also referred to as lipolysis. Some of the methods that may be used to achieve this include:

  • Cryolipolysis – these are non-surgical body sculpting techniques that use extremely cold temperatures to damage fat cells. CoolSculpting is one the best examples of cryolipolysis at work.
  • Laser lipolysis – laser-based technology can be used to permanently destroy fat cells in targeted areas.
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis – these techniques use radiofrequency energy to heat up fat cells without making any physical content with the patient.

Recovery After Body Sculpting Surgery

Recovery after body contouring will vary from one patient to the other depending on the specific procedure and scope of treatment. In most cases, patients are able to go home on the same day as the procedure. You may need to take time off work and have someone to help out with chores over the first few days of recovery. Side effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising are common in patients who had surgical body contouring. The recovery duration can vary from a few days to a couple of months depending on the specifics of your treatment. It is important that you strictly adhere to the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon in order to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted recovery.

Plan Your Body Sculpting in Baton Rouge LA

Dr. Ruston Sanchez offers body contouring procedures to men and women in Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana areas. Some of his patients travel from out of state. Because body sculpting is considered to be an elective procedure, health insurers typically do not pay for it. Dr. Ruston’s office will provide an individualized cost estimate during your initial visit so you can make arrangements for financing.


Schedule Your Body Sculpting Consultation Today

Dr. Ruston Sanchez is a board-certified LA plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience. The surgeon brings an artistic eye and advanced surgical skills to the operating table. During your initial visit, the surgeon’s office will discuss various technologies and advanced treatments that can help you reach your goals. If you choose to move forward with the selected procedure, the surgeon takes the time to create an individualized treatment plan to attain the best possible outcome. Get in touch with his Baton Rouge office to schedule a body contouring consultation today.


What areas does body sculpting address?

Body contouring techniques are used to reshape specific parts of the body, especially areas where diet and exercise are not making much of a difference. Using both surgical and non-surgical techniques, Dr. Sanchez can enhance the appearance of multiple areas:

  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Love handles
Does body sculpting help with weight loss?
The focus of body contouring plastic surgery is to get rid of excess skin and fat from different parts of the body. While this cosmetic treatment may help you shed off a pound or two, it is not intended to be an alternative to weight loss. The best way to lose weight is by adopting healthy lifestyle habits with exercise and proper nutrition. If you are obese and are determined to lose weight fast, Dr. Sanchez may recommend bariatric surgery.
How long do results last?
Patients who have body reshaping plastic surgery enjoy their results for a long duration of time. However, to make the most out of it, Dr. Ruston Sanchez recommends that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind also that factors such as pregnancy and aging will have a negative impact on the outcome of this procedure.

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