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Individuals who are overweight can lose weight by adopting a strict diet and exercise regimen. Individuals who are dangerously obese and do not benefit from exercise or dieting, maybe due to metabolic disorders, can receive bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) in order to achieve their weight goals. Following massive weight loss, many people have to deal with excess loose skin in various parts of the body. Post weight loss surgery addresses this loose skin so that patients can achieve the desired body contour.

LA plastic surgeon Dr. Ruston Sanchez has helped numerous men and women from Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana areas of Lafayette, Hammond, and New Orleans improve their post weight-loss body contour with surgery. Dr. Ruston works individually with each one of his patients to find a treatment plan that will produce the desired outcome.

Who is a candidate?

You may be a good candidate for post-bariatric surgery if:

  • You have attained your desired weight goal and maintained it for at least 6 months.
  • You are in great emotional and physical health. Keep in mind that certain medical conditions can increase the risk of surgery and thus prevent you from having this procedure.
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of this surgery. The goal of post-weight loss surgery is to get rid of excess loose skin.
  • You understand and accept the fact that you may have some scars after this surgery
  • You can take a few weeks off work in order to recover

During a post weight loss surgery consultation, Dr. Ruston Sanchez will meet with you and discuss the goals of the procedure. The surgeon will ask questions to learn about your concerns and expectations. He will also assess your body and create an individualized treatment plan to get rid of excess skin. Dr. Ruston provides his patients with the personal attention they need throughout the process as well as explains treatment modalities and expectations for recovery.

Dr. Ruston’s Approach

Post weight loss skin removal surgery is a complex procedure that should be personalized to each patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Ruston Sanchez is a highly trained and experienced professional who is dedicated to results and patient safety. During the surgery, the surgeon will employ his intricate surgical skills to achieve the best possible outcome while minimizing the risk of scarring and other complications. Rest assured that the surgeon will assess your needs and come up with a precise treatment modality to get to your aesthetic goals.

What Procedures are included in Post Weight Loss Surgery

It is important to realize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for post weight loss surgery. The surgical method or procedure combination to be used will be determined by your problem areas and specific goals. In some cases, post-bariatric surgery incorporates a combination of body lifting procedures such as:

Lower body lift

A lower body lift focuses on tightening areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. This is a very common post-bariatric surgery procedures that also happens to be one of the extensive. During the surgery, your plastic surgeon will make a long incision above the hip bone and going around the bone. Excess skin from the front and back of the torso will then be tightened through this incision. Depending on the condition of the patient, stretched underlying muscles may also be tightened to deliver a shapelier and firmer lower body appearance.


Following significant weight loss, many patients have an ‘apron’ of skin also referred to as a pannus. This hangs down from below the belly button. A panniculectomy is a plastic procedure to address excess loose skin in this area in order to achieve a firmer, smoother torso. The surgeon will make an incision that resembles that of a tummy tuck above the pubic bone and use it to tighten the loose skin. Many patients who receive this kind of post weight loss surgery achieve an attractive abdominal contour and can fit clothes better.

Upper body lift

In some cases, patients who have just lost a lot of weight either through bariatric surgery or intensive exercise and diet have sagging breasts, as well as loose upper arms skin. Upper lift plastic surgery aims to address these areas in order to achieve a firmer and more youthful appearance. During an upper body lift, the plastic surgeon may combine a combination of independent procedures such as an arm lift, a back lift (bra line lift) to restore the upper back contour, and breast lift surgery for a perkier breast appearance.

Your surgeon may recommend other procedures such as a tummy tuck, face lift, neck contouring, or even feminine rejuvenation in order to improve your body contouring following massive weight loss.

Recovery after post weight loss surgery in Baton Rouge

Recovery after post-bariatric surgery depends on many factors such as the amount of skin removed, number of procedures involved, and the patient’s unique healing ability. Patients can expect to experience swelling, bruising, and other discomfort over the first week or two. While these symptoms disappear with time, your surgeon may administer pain medication. Dr. Ruston will tell you to avoid lifting, strenuous exercise, and physically exerting jobs within the first 6 weeks after this procedure. It is utterly important to adhere to the surgeon’s precise post-op instructions in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly during recovery.


Plan your Post Weight Loss Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA

The cost of post weight loss surgery varies greatly from one patient to the other depending on factors such as the extensiveness of the procedure, the surgeon’s skills, and the location where you are having the surgery. During your initial consultation, Dr. Ruston’s team will provide an initial cost estimate to help you arrange for financing. 

Meet Your Surgeon

Dr. Ruston Sanchez is a board certified LA plastic surgeon who has got the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to perform a satisfactory post weight loss procedure. The surgeon takes each patient case as unique and works diligently to achieve the best procedure outcome with faster surgery time, smallest scar possible, and minimal risk of complications. Get in touch with Dr. Ruston’s office today to schedule a consultation visit for your weight loss skin removal surgery.


Post Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

What is bariatric surgery?
Bariatric surgery is a procedure that is performed on individuals who are dangerously obese for the purpose of losing weight. Depending on the needs of the patient, the surgeon may perform gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, or other types of bariatric procedures. This type of plastic surgery is typically offered when overly obese patients have serious health issues due to their weight, or when diet and exercise aren’t working. Following bariatric surgery, many individuals also need post weight loss surgery in order to remove the excess loose skin and achieve their desired body contour.
How do I maintain the result of my weight loss skin removal surgery?
Your skin removal surgery will provide improved body contours that should last for many years. Keep in mind though that significant weight fluctuation following this procedure can negatively impact on the result. Dr. Ruston advises his patients to maintain a stable weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to get the most out of their treatment.
What happens during excess skin removal procedure?
Skin removal after weight loss procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia. Some surgeries (e.g. thigh lift, liposuction, and arm lift) may be performed on an outpatient basis at the surgeon’s in-office operating room. However, more extensive skin removal procedures will need to be performed in a hospital, where patients will stay for a day or two in order to be monitored. Experienced surgeons take great care to ensure the patient’s safety throughout the treatment.
What are the risks?
Just like with any other surgery, there is a small risk of complications after excessive skin removal surgery. The degree of risk can be said to be directly proportional to the extensiveness of the procedure. These risks may include blood loss, seroma formation, hematoma, and infections. Dr. Ruston Sanchez employs his extensive experience and advanced surgical methods in order to achieve the desired cosmetic outcome while minimizing the risk of scarring and other complications.
How is recovery like?
Following your weight loss skin removal surgery, you can expect to remain in the hospital for 24-48 hours so that the surgeon’s team can monitor your progress. You are encouraged to move as soon as you can following surgery in order to encourage proper blood flow. Your surgeon will provide a compression garment that should be worn over weeks in order to shape the result of this procedure. How long it takes to fully recover will depend on the extensiveness of your procedure. However, most patients can expect to get back to light work within a month.

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