Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction

Many women whose breasts are excessively large in relation to their frame tend to experience physical symptoms such as back pain, skin irritation, and breathing problems. Large breasts can also negatively impact your confidence and sense of comfort, particularly in social situations. Breast reduction – also referred to as reduction mammaplasty – is the procedure of choice for patients who are looking to address problematic large breasts. Plastic surgeons perform this procedure by removing unnecessary skin and tissue in order to alleviate the strain caused by heavy breasts on the patient’s shoulders and back, while also focusing on the desired aesthetic outcome.

LA Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ruston Sanchez has helped numerous women from Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana areas of Lafayette, Hammond, and New Orleans improve their quality of life with breast reduction surgery. During treatment, the surgeon may use liposuction or any combination of contouring options to deliver the desired results. Dr. Ruston Sanchez knows that the needs of each patient are unique. Following your initial consultation with him, the surgeon will create a customized treatment plan to suit your needs and goals.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction to address physical or cosmetic concerns as a result of breast size get the following benefits:

    • Feel and look better in clothing – patients who are unable to get a comfy and desirable fit in their clothing due to a larger bust line can benefit from this procedure. Breast reduction helps create a well-defined hourglass shape that will boost your confidence and give you a much better feel and look in a variety of clothing.
    • Alleviated back pain – heavy breasts are known to cause physical symptoms such as back pain and shoulder grooves that can be a constant source of discomfort as you move through your day. Breast reduction cosmetic surgery focuses on reducing the size of breasts to a proportionate size in order to resolve physical symptoms.
    • Alleviated skin irritation – in addition to symptoms such as back pain and shoulder indentations, excessively heavy breasts can trigger excess moisture and cause skin irritation. During treatment, plastic surgeons work to reduce the breast size while also creating a lift in order to resolve this concern.
    • Improved physical ability – excessively large and heavy breasts can hinder performance in routine physical activities and athletics. Some women may also struggle with insecurities regarding the size of their breasts, particularly when working out, swimming, or when engaging in social activities. Breast reduction is the ideal solution to increase your mobility and comfort as well as improve your quality of life.

Breast Reduction Surgical Technique

It is important that patients work with a highly skilled and experienced surgeon in order to attain the desired outcome from their reduction mammaplasty. Dr. Ruston Sanchez is highly qualified to perform this procedure. He utilizes modern surgical techniques and his immense experience to deliver optimal results while also minimizing the risk of scarring and other side effects of the procedure.

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete. During the surgery, the surgeon will make an anchor-shaped incision in order to access the underlying breast tissue. Keep in mind that the shape, length, or type of incision may vary from one patient to the other depending on the optics of the procedure. Once the treatment area is opened up, the surgeon will remove excess tissue, skin, and fat (using liposuction). He will also work to raise the nipple-areola complex to achieve the desired aesthetics. It is important to maintain proper blood flow to the nipple-areola complex in order to prevent loss of sensation and discoloration. Dr. Ruston Sanchez takes the utmost care to make sure that the procedure is completed within the confines of safety. Once everything is done, the surgeon will close up the incisions using stitches. Dr. Ruston Sanchez and his team will then observe you for an hour or longer (if need be) before you are released to go home.


Recovery After Breast Reduction Procedure

You will need to have a friend or family member drive you home after the procedure as well as help out with chores over the next 2-3 days. Dr. Ruston Sanchez will ask that you move around as soon as you can in order to promote blood flow. It will also be necessary to use a compression bra over the next few weeks in order to shape up your new breasts and ensure proper healing. Physical activities and strenuous chores must be avoided for 3-4 weeks to allow your incisions to heal properly and minimize the risk of complications. Following your Breast Reduction in Baton Rouge, Dr. Ruston Sanchez’s team will provide a comprehensive list of instructions that you should strictly adhere to for a speedy recovery process. Should you have any concerns or questions while recovering from home, make sure to call Dr. Ruston Sanchez’s office for clarification.

Plan your Breast Reduction in Louisiana

The cost of reduction mammaplasty in Louisiana can vary greatly from one patient to the other depending on the scope of the specific surgery. On average, though, many of Dr. Ruston Sanchez’s patients can expect to pay between $5,000 and $8,000. Dr. Ruston Sanchez’s office will provide you with an initial cost estimate following your first appointment.

Meet Your Surgeon

Dr. Ruston Sanchez takes each patient case as unique and works diligently to achieve the best procedure outcome with faster surgery time, smallest scar possible, and minimal risk of complications. Get in touch with Dr. Ruston Sanchez’s office today to schedule a consultation visit for your Baton Rouge breast reduction.

Average Cost

$5,000 – $8,000

Average Recovery Time

3 – 4 weeks

Average Procedure Time

2 – 3 hours


Breast Reduction FAQs

Can I have children after breast reduction?

Breast reduction can potentially affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed. Many patients choose to have this procedure well before they have children. Other women prefer to wait until after their family is complete to receive their breast reduction. Make sure to discuss your foreseeable plans with Dr. Ruston Sanchez so that he can recommend the best way forward.

What results can I expect?
Following your Louisiana breast reduction procedure, most women see a dramatic improvement in their breast size and aesthetics. You may find that your tops and shirts fit a lot better, as well as experience much less shoulder and neck pain. It is also likely that your mobility and performance in physical activities will gain a boost.
How should I prepare?

Depending on your age and health,Dr. Ruston Sanchez may recommend a mammogram before the reduction procedure is carried out. Another mammogram will also be carried out months after the surgery is complete. This is important because it helps detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue after reduction. Keep in mind that breast reduction does not increase your risk of breast cancer. During your initial consultation visit with Dr. Ruston Sanchez, the surgeon will answer all your questions and give you a specific list of things to do as you prepare for the treatment. The surgeon’s office will also provide an initial cost breakdown so you can arrange to finance.

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