Ear Surgery


Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Baton Rouge

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery – also referred to as otoplasty – is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the shape, position, or size of ears in order to improve the external appearance. Deformed or protruding ears may be caused by injury, accidents, or birth defects, impacting negatively on the affected individual’s sense of self-esteem and confidence. During ear surgery, plastic surgeons work to correct these imperfections through ear pinning (bringing the ears closer to the head), minimizing the size of very big ears, or modifying bends in the ear cartilage. Otoplasty creates balance and proportion to the ears and face to bring out a more natural outcome.

LA plastic surgeon Dr. Ruston Sanchez has helped numerous men and women from Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana areas of Lafayette, Hammond, and New Orleans achieve their goals and improve their quality of life with ear surgery. Dr. Ruston works individually with each one of his patients to find a treatment plan that will produce the desired outcome.

Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that adjusts the shape, position, and size of ears in order to improve the aesthetic appearance. Dr. Ruston Sanchez recommends this procedure for children as young as five years, teenagers, or young adults who are looking to address the following concerns;

  • Macrotia (overly large ears)
  • Protruding ears
  • Torn or split earlobes
  • Deformation from previous surgery
  • Wide piercing holes from heavy jewelry
  • Cauliflower shaped ears
  • Disproportionately ears with the head
  • Underdeveloped cartilage

During your initial ear surgery consultation in Baton Rouge, the surgeon will listen to your concerns, ask questions, and let you know whether this treatment is for you. Dr. Ruston Sanchez is a committed professional who works diligently to create an individualized treatment plan to meet the needs and expectations of each patient. Many of his otoplasty patients enjoy a permanent improvement in the aesthetic appearance of their ears, as well as improved self esteem and confidence.

Surgical Technique

Otoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will typically make incisions at the back of the ears. In cases where incisions are necessary at the front side, the surgeon conceals them within the folds of the ear. Non-removable sutures are used to secure the reshaped cartilage in its new position. The surgeon will then close incisions using external stitches.. Dr. Ruston employs his vast experience and modern surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcome while minimizing the risk of scarring and other complications. This procedure usually takes two hours to complete.

Types of Otoplasty in Baton Rouge

Depending on the severity of the ear abnormality and individual characteristics of the auricular cartilage, Dr. Ruston Sanchez may use any of the following techniques:

Ear pinning

Adult patients tend to have a matured and hard cartilage, which is difficult to mold to the desired shape. Where this is the case, Dr. Ruston will make an incision behind the back and remove the cartilage to allow the ear to be pinned back and repositioned. Sutures are then used to hold the ear close to the side of the head. Where the patient is a child, the cartilage is soft and easy to sculpt and contour to the desired position using splints.

Size reduction

This type of ear surgery involves reducing the surface area of the conchal cartilage. The surgeon will make an incision behind the ear and remove excess cartilage and skin in order to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. The ear is then held back to position using sutures. In some other cases, the surgeon may also trim the cartilage, reshape it to the desired outcome, then pin and secure it using permanent absorbable tracks to anchor in the desired position.

What to Expect After Surgery

Otoplasty typically takes 2 hours to complete, after which Dr. Ruston will closely monitor the patient before releasing them to go home. The ear will be bandaged for 72 hours to help hold it permanently in its new position. Patients can expect to experience some itching, swelling, and soreness, but this dissipates in a few days. The surgeon may prescribe certain medications to help alleviate the discomfort. Children are given a garment that prevents them from touching their ears, allowing for unhindered recovery. A post-operative appointment will be scheduled so that Dr. Ruston can assess your recovery progress. Most otoplasty patients are able to get back to light work within 2-3 weeks. Dr. Ruston will ask that you wear button-down shirts with lowered collars and desist from strenuous activities and exercise until you get a green light from him. This procedure offers immediate results and assures minimal (and well-hidden) scars after recovery.

Your Otoplasty Consultation with Dr. Ruston Sanchez

During your otoplasty consultation in Baton Rouge, Dr. Ruston Sanchez will meet with you and discuss the goals of this procedure. The surgeon will ask questions to learn about your concerns and expectations from this procedure, as well as assess your ear before crafting an individualized treatment plan for you. Dr. Ruston provides his patients with the personal attention they need throughout the procedure, as well as takes the time to clearly explain the treatment modalities and expectations for recovery.

Dr. Ruston Sanchez approaches ear reshaping surgery to improve the patient’s aesthetic balance and appearance. Otoplasty is a highly individualized procedure whose scope can vary greatly from one patient to the other. The team at Dr. Ruston’s office is passionate about what they do and will go out of their way to ensure an excellent experience for each patient.


Plan Your Otoplasty in Baton Rouge

The cost of otoplasty in Louisiana can vary greatly from one patient to the other. On average though, most of Dr. Ruston’s patients can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 for this treatment. Dr. Ruston’s office will provide an initial cost estimate following your first appointment to help you arrange for financing. Keep in mind that ear surgery is completed in 2 hours and patients can expect a full recovery within 2-3 weeks.

Dr. Ruston Sanchez performs ear surgery in accredited health facilities or his in-office operating room, supported by a full-time anesthesiologist and highly qualified support staff. Because this is an outpatient procedure, the surgeon will require that you have someone to drive you home and help out with chores over the first few days.

Meet Dr. Ruston Sanchez

Dr. Ruston takes each patient case as unique and works diligently to achieve the best procedure outcome with faster surgery time, smallest scar possible, and minimal risk of complications. Get in touch with Dr. Ruston’s office today to schedule a consultation visit for your otoplasty procedure.

Your Ears in Great Shape

Otoplasty is a great life-changing surgical procedure that addresses any discontent you may have regarding the size or shape of your ears when looking in the mirror. A highly seasoned otoplasty surgeon in Baton Rouge and the surrounding Louisiana regions, Dr. Ruston Sanchez is committed to meeting your precise needs. Dr. Ruston brings extensive experience and years of high-level training to the operating table, giving his patients a natural and beautiful external ear appearance.

Average Cost

$3,000 – $6,000

Average Recovery Time

2 – 3 weeks

Average Procedure Time

2 hours


Ear Surgery FAQs

Otoplasty on one or both ears?
Some conditions such as genetics or birth defects affect both ears and therefore the procedure needs to be done on both ears to bring out a symmetrical outcome. In some other cases where only one ear is injured or a patient feels like one ear is asymmetrical, the procedure is performed on the affected ear only.
What is the ideal age for otoplasty in children?
Dr. Ruston Sanchez recommends that children receive ear surgery after they have reached the age of 5 years. The ear cartilage in children tends to be soft, making it easier to reshape to the desired shape and size. Children also tend to heal faster compared to adult patients.
Are otoplasty results permanent?
Yes, ear surgery patients can notice an immediate improvement immediately after surgery. More so, the result of this treatment tends to be permanent. Even for children who are growing up and undergoing drastic facial changes, the outcome of otoplasty remains the same and there is no need for a second procedure.

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