Tummy tuck alternatives

A flabby or protruding abdomen is one of the more common aesthetic complaints. Lifestyle adjustments such as diet and regular exercise may help, but do not always work. This leaves most people to turn to plastic surgery procedures such as abdominoplasty (is abdominoplasty worth it?). However, invasive surgery may not be for everyone. Luckily, non-surgical aesthetic options are available that can help you attain your desired abdominal appearance.

Advantages of non-surgical tummy tuck

Nonsurgical abdominoplasty offers the following distinct advantages:

  • Tightened skin and reduced belly fat
  • Lower risk of complications and severe side effects
  • Quick procedures that can be conveniently performed in the surgeon’s office
  • No incisions mean no scarring after treatment
  • Little to no downtime
  • No anesthesia used

Non-invasive alternatives to a tummy tuck

Plastic surgeons may enhance the appearance of your abdomen using any of the following techniques.

1. ThermiTight – Tighten Loose Skin

ThermiTight is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that can help individuals tighten loose skin in the abdominal area. ThermiTight treatment employs a Thermi device that applies dermal energy to the abdominal area. The tissues are then gently heated to the optimal temperature and the area wrapped in a compression bandage. This treatment results in a noticeable skin tightening within a single treatment. ThermiTight is a safe procedure that uses a specialized probe to ensure that the appropriate tissue temperature is maintained. An infrared camera is also used to monitor skin temperature. Most patients will experience no discomfort or pain with this noninvasive tummy tuck alternative. Furthermore, the procedure requires no downtime, and patients can resume routine activities the next day.

2. CoolSculpting – Freeze Fat Away

CoolSculpting is an alternative to a tummy tuck that is often used to alleviate unwanted fat from the abdominal area. Plastic surgeons use a specialized CoolSculpting device to administer intensely low temperatures to fat cells. This in turn freezes and destroys them. Many patients have reported a fat reduction of as much as 20 percent with a single CoolSculpting treatment. If further fat loss is necessary, then the surgeon can perform a second treatment to achieve the desired outcome. CoolSculpting is one of the most common body contouring treatments that can yield a thinner and sleeker abdominal profile.

3. EMSCULPT – Tone Your Tummy

EMSCULPT is a non-surgical tummy tuck alternative that can help tighten abdominal muscles to achieve a flat tummy appearance. This revolutionary technique works by inducing muscle contractions and essentially forcing your muscles to work out. EMSCULPT induced contractions are stronger and faster than natural muscle contractions. A single treatment with this technique can result in as many as 20,000 contractions, which is insanely hard to achieve with an exercise regimen. If you are looking to tone your belly muscles and achieve a flatter and firmer abdominal appearance without having to undergo invasive surgery, this is the treatment for you. Patients typically feel tender after the treatment – just as if they had an intense workout. However, symptoms resolve on their own within a couple of days.

3. Lipodissolve

This is a fairly new non-invasive technique that is also a good alternative to a tummy tuck. One of the best things about Lipodissolve is that it achieves results that are almost equivalent to having the actual surgery. Plastic surgeons make a series of injections in order to melt small areas of fat in the targeted treatment area. Injections may constitute multivitamins, alpha lipid acid, plant extracts, enzymes, and deoxycholate. These injections are typically painless and thus do not require any anesthetic. And because this is a non-surgical technique, there is no scarring. Patients can experience the results of their treatment within a duration of 3 weeks. However, you may need a few treatments spaced a month apart in order to attain the desired abdominal appearance.

Who is a candidate for a non-surgical tummy tuck?

Non-invasive abdominoplasty procedures are designed for both men and women of nearly any age who are looking to improve the appearance of their abdomen. Plastic surgeons however require that you are in good physical and mental health before you can qualify for this treatment. You should also quit smoking a few weeks before the surgery, and stop taking certain medications and supplements. Keep in mind though that non-invasive abdominoplasty may not be for everyone. Patients with severe abdominal loosening, extreme fat, or weakened muscles may still need to undergo surgical abdominoplasty in order to achieve a dramatic improvement.